Is there any cost involved in posting advertisements in
No, posting ad is absolutely free.

How can I post ads in
If you are a registered user, login to the system and click the link "Hi your email address" -> My Page on top right corner of the page and use the links in left side of the my page. If you are a new user, register first with the site using "Register With Us" link.

Whether the ad will be immediately available after I create new one?
No, every ad created or updated requires approval. So there may be time delay in appearing the ad in website.

Can I edit and delete ads?
Yes, in "My Page" section you can create/update and delete records. Further you can temporarily disable the postings also.

How long the ads will appear in the website?
There is no time frame limit. However the tour packages have validity period. These ads will appear only if the current date falls within the validity period. Please make sure that the ads are updated when ever there is a change in the content like room rent, tour package price etc.

Whether provides online booking for tour packages, hotels etc?
No, we do not provide booking facility. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact directly the respective authority and make necessary arrangements. Please read terms & conditions carefully.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us using "Contact Us" link or directly e-mail to Since this is a completely free site, there may be delay in responding to your queries but we will try our best to serve you better. Please read "Terms & Conditions" carefully.